the artist

vita of Jörg ("J") Arnold

Born March 15, 1956 in Berlin (Germany)

1975-1985 Paintings, various techniques and subjects
1970-1987 Light Images (Light-Echo-Mirror Sculptures)
  Facade painting
  Mirror Sculptures and paintings in nightclubs
1987-2008 Stage setting for theatre and film
1997-2008 Erotic series acrylic on canvas

Joint Exhibitions

2009 Marriott Hotel Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
2009 BLO open Ateliers, Berlin
2008 Weekendgallerie, Berlin
2008 "Between Art"
Art & Champagne Galerie
2007 Single exhibition,
Slacks Design Berlin
2005 "Retrospektive"
Atlantic Berlin
2005 "Sommerwende"
Galerie 24 Berlin
2005 Single exhibition,
Galerie 24 Berlin
2004 "Retrospektive"
Rat Pack Lounge Berlin
2004 "Barbilderi"
Galerie Kraftwerk Berlin
2003 "ln Between"
Uni-Zentrum, Europäische Kulturhauptstadt Graz (Austria)
2002 "lesson two"
RAW-Tempel Berlin include live performance
2002 "Gesichter Berlins"
Galerie Kraftwerk, Berlin
Orangerie-Cafe, Kassel include live performance
2002 "lesson one"
RAW-Tempel Berlin include live performance
2002 "Gesichter Berlins"
Telecom Galerie, Graz (Austria)
2001 "Gesichter Berlins"
Berolina Galerie Bezirksamt Mitte

"In my pictures, we encounter people, male and female, people from Berlin, people in erotic situations."

Jörg ("J")Arnold

The bodies do not only stand for studies of anatomy or nature but as well as studies of society.

Be it provocative and naugty portraits of the Berlin party scene or harmonic studies of material he coats the naked models with - everywhere You always feel a certain sense of an erotic veil covering the pictures similar to the gleaming tissue slipping from the body of his models.
His personal expression of form, color and emotions touche our mind when watching the pictures.